Tri-State Transportation employs only the most qualified drivers .  Each potential driver must meet expectations of pre employment qualifications as well as extensive training.  Drivers must be knowledgeable not only in their duties but also in Tri State's fields of expertise.

When an application is submitted for review, we run a background motor vehicle report to determine if the applicant is eligible to operate our equipment. If eligible, the applicant is given a road test and graded on their safety, road courtesy and overall performance. Past employment is verified and a DOT mandated pre employment drug screen is given. Once cleared for employment, newly hired drivers will train with a veteran employee by riding as a passenger. When the trainer and trainee are confident that the new hire can perform the job duties required, the new hire will follow the veteran in his own truck until he/she is comfortable going out on their own. This process is to ensure that our drivers are safety conscience for the customer, themselves and the public at large.